About Renew A New You

Hi, I’m Laura.

I am a Certified Life, Soul Purpose, and Trauma Recovery Coach.

Renew A New You

My Story...

As a former ICU Nurse, followed by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) from 2012- present, I have poured my heart into providing care from a place of compassion and patient advocacy.

After working in the COVID-19 ICUS in New Orleans, LA I began to feel the effects of burnout. Second-hand trauma absorption was highlighted by the percentage of providers exiting the healthcare system altogether. Trauma absorption went widely unrecognized and unaddressed. Covid and a torn ACL, coupled with a series of personal life traumas and health diagnoses, further led to my struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, alcoholism, and eating disorders.

I searched for a therapist during this time, ultimately coming up empty-handed. I called 22 mental-health professionals, finally landing on a social worker who was seeing new clients. Shortly after we began working together our sessions ended, due to her own personal life traumas. The year was 2020. Everyone needed support.

I made a commitment to myself, to heal, setting out on my journey to achieve health, wellness, emotional wellbeing, and wholeness. Through consistent journaling, meditation, yoga, breath work, energy balancing, retreats, and learning to fuel my body with proper nutrition, I was able to restore balance within.

After healing and renewal, returning to school, discovering my souls purpose, and changing the trajectory of my own path, I became passionate about inspiring others to achieve their deepest desires.

I feel called to help bridge the gap between the high demand for mental health support and the availability of well-trained mental health professionals. In February of 2023, I attended a trauma coaching course in Rwanda, Africa through the Global Engagement Institute and The Orenda Project.

I had the honor of leading a mindfulness meditation to the Trauma Coaching class of 30 Rwandan students. While working alongside local trauma-support organizations, I learned the principles of coaching within a multicultural context. Rwanda is a Global leader in healing division, fostering humanity, promoting health, and trauma recovery.

Since 2016, I have been a part of the surgical team for Bayside Medical Missions, providing my Anesthesia services in Portoviejo, Ecuador. Doing mission work has both humbled me and opened my eyes to the importance of what truly matters in life: The People.

We are all connected. We all need support. I am here to lift you up!

I want to build a community where people of all walks and races can communicate, support, and take care of each other. I will provide a safe space for others to feel seen, heard, understood, and empowered.

Allow the wisdom that is already within you to be heard. Rise up and share your story. I believe in you!

Unlock the confidence to become the limitless version of yourself.